In the summer of 2007, in response to an opportunity to exhibit a short movie at the ArtSway gallery in an event called ' Multichannel', several experiments led eventually to a the production of an animation called 'Track'.

Test animations and images were produced using a program that was based on the idea of depicting the paths taken by creatures remaining close together yet not bumping into each other whilst moving away from a perceived threat. After experimenting with different ways of animating the data generated by the program the piece that was exhibited shows a view moving along the path of just one of the creatures in the group. The virtual camera was aimed and tracked along the trail so that the trail appeared to run vertically down the screen.

The idea of simply animating the view rather than the subject had emerged in the development of the animations for 'Antarctic Sonata' and was also influenced by the results of recoding a video with the camera pointing down at the ground while walking in the New Forest, imagining that it was like looking down out of a plane flying over a landscape.

Track has been uploaded to Bell's Vimeo site

Bell's statement about Track