Smallworld at Loughborough and PhD


After the residency at UKC Bell moved to Loughborough University of Technology Computer-Human Interface Research Centre (LUTCHI) to study for a PhD, directed by Ernest Edmonds and supervised by Susan Tebby. Smallworld was used as a case study and was developed further in parallel with Bell's research. Originally proposed as research into "the interactive representation of complex dynamic data" the final title of the thesis was:

Participatory Art and Computers: Identifying, analysing and composing the characteristics of works of participatory art that use computer technology

There are two editions of the thesis, and some videos, which can be accessed from the links below



The original 1991 version submitted for PhD examination, may be downloaded from Loughborough University

  Participatory Art and Computers

A reformatted 2nd edition produced in 2006. The text is the same but diagrams have been reworked and included in the text, which has led to a change in page numbering.

  Videos submitted with the PhD Originally submitted on VHS now on Vimeo