Smallworld at Bournemouth 1989 - 1995


Working at the NCCA gave Bell the chance to work with Peter Comninos' animation system CGAL. Comninos wrote a program for Bell that would take data generated by smallworld and convert it into a format suitable for CGAL.

Bell did a number of experiments using this technique, both with still images and animation.

    This image was generated using data from Smallworld passed to CGAL which was then used to create models of paths and objects. The backdrop in this scene was a polygon mesh with its vertices assigned animal behaviours which led the surface to distort. It was then illuminated with different coloured lights and smooth rendered.    
Smallworld trails rendered in CGAL
A different view of the same trails as above
    The images below are stills from animations tha he showed at Siggraph 95 in a panel on Algorithmic Art. The videos can be seen on Bell's Vimeo site    
    a group of flesh coloured creatures follow a blue one as it moves around seeking, finding and 'eating' red ones    
    blue creatures pursue and 'eat' flesh coloured ones