UKC Residency

Computer Generated Images 1985 - a selection of images exhibited




Grid Explosion 1

2 Predators v 98 Prey

Grid Explosion 2

6 Predators v 94 Prey

Grid Explosion 3

12 Predators v 88 Prey

Irregular Explosion 1

Linefight 4

30 Blue + 20 Greys v 38 Red and 12 Yellow

Yellow start high, Grey start low, Blue and Red at intermediate depths

Linefight 5.1

As Linefight 4 except that trails are now drawn as broad lines

Bang 1
Bang 2


These images allow movement only in two dimensions - the picture plane. The lines change colour to indicate the passage of time. There are 100 'animals' in each image. They started in a regular grid, then the prey scattered as the predators hunted them down

    The exhibition marked the end of Bell's time as Artist in Residence in the Computing Laboratory of the University of Kent at Canterbury