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Photographs taken at the Small Journey performance, courtesy David Simpson.

performance location

The location. Images played on the screen to the left. You can just see Keith Tippett at the piano, Julie Tippetts in the middle and Andy Baker standing at the right.

performance location

In a different exposure so you can get an idea of how the images appeared on the screen.

performance screen 01

The screen not long after the start of the piece.

perfromance players

Julie, Stephen Bell, Philippa Stevens, (Steve the SCAN camerman) Andy Baker.


Placement of the white shapes leads to more activity in that area ...

performance screen

... as shapes grow in their direction .


As the shapes grow, the musicians respond to them.

performance screen

As the shapes change, so does the music . Occasionally the screen clears and things seem to start over again - with different colours and shapes the music changes too.


Sometimes the shapes drive the music,sometimes the musician's responses to particular shapes drive what will be created visually. These shots of Keith and Julie above, and Stephen, Philippa and Andy were taken during a rehearsal.


Although the performance was rehearsed so that the players, including Stephen, were familar with each others' way of working, the performance was unique with graphics and music improvised on the spot.