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In July 2010 in Bournemouth Lower Gardens a group of musicians performed improvised music in response to computer graphic animations generated by a program written by Stephen Bell. The animation was simultaneously displayed on a large screen next to the stage.

The musicians were Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Andy Baker and Philippa Stevens. Bell controlled his program 'live' on stage, effectively becoming the fifth player in a quintet, his graphics the visual equivalent of a fifth musical instrument.

Although the performance was not officially named, Bell gave the work the title 'Small Journey' as for him it was a small step into live performance, a form of art that he had not engaged with before.

The piece was the third of three improvisations by the musicians to visual work, the first two being a Buster Keaton film, 'The Electric House', and a Woody Vasulka video, 'Artifacts'.

The event was part of public//domain, a festival organised by SCAN and Bournemouth Borough Council.