academic papers and articles and thesis

    100110 Post-Digital Years, paper presented at BFX 2015 Conference, Bournemouth University, UK 2015    

Loss and the Effect of Computer Drawing on Time, Revelation, Iconicity, Authenticity and Morphology in Art Practice, paper by Stephen Bell and Sarah Thompson, published in TRACEY drawing and Visualisation research online journal, Loughborough, UK, 2010


My first brush with computer graphics, chapter in "White Heat, Cold Logic: British computer arts 1960-80", Ed. Brown P., Gere C., Lambert, N., Mason, C.,Cambridge Mass, MIT Press, 2009


Writing Scenarios for Role Play Games - A Paradigm for Interactive Narrative?, paper presented at Media Waves conference, Brighton, UK,1997


Towards a Virtual Reality Aesthetic Programming Interface, poster presented at Creativity & Cognition 2 Symposium, Loughborough University,UK, 1996


Creative Participatory Behaviour in a Programmed World, Leonardo, V28 No.3, 1995


Algorithm, short catalogue statement, catalogue of ISEA 94, The 5th International Symposium on Electronic Art, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland, 1994

    Participatory Art and Computers , Proceedings,Tendenser inom datorstödd konst, conference, Högsklen i Skövde, Sweden, 1994    

Creative Participatory Behaviour in a Programmed World, Proceedings, Creativity & Cognition Symposium, Loughborough University,UK, 1993


Participatory Art and Computers: Identifying analysing and composing the characteristics of works of participatory art that use computer technology, PhD Thesis, Loughborough University of Technology, UK, 1992


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