behavioural forms

    A selection of behavioural forms produced using versions of 'Beesworld' since 2008.      


Experimenting with creating patterns by passing behavioural form through near clipping plane




experiment in leading


















Pursuing Limited Resources

84cm x 54cm digital print (2018)


    A slightly different version of Beesworld using simple cones instead of triangles was used to produce the next image, 'The Gathering", which is part of the CAS50 Collection.      

The Gathering

54cm x 84cm digital print

CAS50 Collection


    A Catalogue for the CAS50 exhibition can be purchased from InteractDigitalArts here      

In 2010 Bell found that the largest images he could generate using his program on a MacBookPro were 8000 x 1002 pixels, leading him to make panoramic images. Some of the work he did at the time is documented here.


panoramic view of trails

Behavioural Forms

72" x 9" giclee print




A print of the image above was exhibited at the Shape Modeling International 2013 Conference Exhibition and Screening held in Bournemouth. The image was selected from a number of views of shapes generated during 2010.

The image below shows a detail of the image above at full scale. Below that is an installation shot of the print and of the live interactive piece which visitors could explore in the Shape Modeling International Exhibition.

detail of trails  
iMac with Beesworld running
    The next photo shows a different image made at the same time as the one exhibited at SMI2013 installed as a 'technofresco' in Bell's home.      

image for computer screen background