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Bell continues to make work using the method of writing interactive programs and then using them to explore the generation of shapes and forms, recording views that interest him. The process is similar to taking photographs of actual objects or making sketches. Sometimes particular images are reproduced as prints or animated sequences.

In 2010 he found that the largest images he could generate using his program on a MacBookPro were 8000 x 1002 pixels, leading him to make panoramic images. Some of the work he did at the time is documented here.


A version of the image above was made a s giclee print measuring 72" x 9" and was exhibited at the Shape Modeling International 2013 Conference Exhibition and Screening held in Bournemouth. The image was selected from a number of views of shapes generated during 2010. Click on the image to move to a series of pages where you can step through the other views that this one was selected from.

The image below shows a detail of the image above at full scale.