detail of swa25   BEHAVIOURAL FORMS 2010 - 2020 Continuing explorations of the use of behavioural programs, including print and interactive work exhibited at the 'Shape Modeling International 2013' Exhibition and 2018's CAS50.    
  CLEWS 2 2016 A new version of a 1979 installation 'CLEWS' for the Interactive Art exhibition at British HCI 2016 Conference Fusion exhibition. There is a paper about it here    
SCREEN IMAGE   SMALL JOURNEY 2010 A performance of live generated animation and improvised music with Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Andy Baker and Philippa Stevens    
SMALLWORLD DETAIL   SMALLWORLD 2009 Revisiting Smallworld during short residency at Kube Gallery, Poole    
BEESWORLD   BEESWORLD 2008 Exhibition at Study Gallery Poole of interactive piece based on the behaviour of bees collecting nectar    
antarctic sonata   ANTARCTIC SONATA 2007

AnimatIon for musical improvisation by Kevin Jones based on microscopic imagery of Antarctic rock samples by Nick Petford, to celebrate bicentenary of the Geological Society (recording of the piece is on vimeo)

track detail   TRACK 2007 Animation made for exhibition in the 'Multichannel' show at the ArtSway gallery    
tracks   TRACKS 2007 Experimental sketches made during development of progam to make the Track animation    
ukc01   SMALLWORLD 1984 - 95 A ten year project which explored the the viability and potential of participatory interactive computer art based on simulated animal and human social behaviour patterns    
RANSTAK 100   COMPUTER ART 1977-79 Computer graphic drawings using vector graphic plotter at The Slade School of Art