Stephen Bell's Notes on Antarctic Sonata
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main notes

Some links to sites that I looked at while doing the project









McMurdo Dry Valleys Region, Transantarctic Mountains NASA Quest

Antarctic Guide to Martian Weathering Planetary Science Research Discoveries

USGS Locations of streamgages in the Wright Valley, Antarctica Wyoming Water Science Center

Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, Antarctica American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

The Dry Valleys of Antarctica Guillaume & Jennifer Dargaud's Website

Public Domain Wikipedia entry

Antarctic Photo Library United States Antarctic Program

Antarctic Photo Library United States Antarctic Program

The Dry Valleys Antarctic Connection

Crystallization and Degassing in the Basement Sill, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Journal of Petrology

Dry Valleys of the Antarctic Research TV

Bill Philips Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic

Magma Chambers, Dynamics and Differentiation Toward a Grand Unification, Bruce D. Marsh, John Hopkins University American Geophysical Union



Some links to sites about the project


'Rock' music inspired by Antarctic research Bournemouth University

Antarctic Sonata, Dawn Riddle blog The Geological Society

Music inspired by Antarctic research Science Centric